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Project Description

TDB is a NOSQL Key-value store entirely designed to run in windows environment. It's directly inspired by Redis project and use Redis' command sematincs and Redis' communication protocol to maintain a base compatibility with it.

The store will be avaiable to run as a service in Windows Environment.
In a single machine environment will be bypassed the network protocol and will be used a shard-memory way to communicate with the store to maximize network performances.
First tests show that the store can reach 400k-500k query/second in a 4 years old notebook.

The base compatibility with Redis, will be mantained in the future, but the internals are completly different, to take advantage of .Net language capability.

A .Net hight performance client will be avaiable in the future to gain the maximum performance skipping the redis networking protocol and using Remoting via TCP and Binary serialization, or WCF.
In the project will be included also a REST service to query the store directly from the web and making it usable via javascript and JSON.

At this point of development you can use the redis protocol to communicate with TDB.
Commands for managing Keys and String are ready but still not tested, TDB is not persistance yet, it will be in a near future. (this is an alpha-version yet).

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